SpeakEasy Intensive Agenda

You may notice that we have packed a lot of programming into only a few days, so be sure to take your time while reading this page. We designed this fast-paced agenda to condense our most powerful tools into a CEO-friendly timeframe.

Attendees need only show up, ready to share their ideas and legacy with a wider audience.

In addition to the 4 day experience, guests receive:

You’ll receive a Talk Canvas and Personal Workbook to help you develop future talks and presentations.
A high-quality video of your talk will be filmed and provided to you at the end of the retreat.
Each attendee also receives a follow up 1:1 Coaching Session in-person or on-video.

The SpeakEasy Intensive Agenda:

Day 1 – Focus on the Big Idea

  • One-on-one coaching to cultivate your original idea based on your personal insights, history, and knowledge
  • Develop statement of purpose that is original and stands out
  • Understand and embrace the importance of story and structure
  • Learn how to use our Talk Canvas process to help you develop a strong narrative


Day 2 – Finalize Content and Focus on Performance

  • One-on-one coaching to enhance your understanding of the importance of body language
  • Exploring stage presence
  • Learn how to “internalize” your script to enhance your delivery
  • How to use your voice for maximum impact
  • Evening rehearsal and practice


Day 3 – Rehearsal and Performance

  • Final one-on-one coaching and rehearsal
  • Memorization techniques
  • On-stage rehearsal and blocking
  • Showcase!
  • After party


Day 4: Debrief and Next Steps

  • Reflection: What worked, what could be improved
  • Our role as changemakers in the future
  • Plan your next steps and identify opportunities to help you to achieve your goals


  • At SpeakEasy Intensive I liked the people the most. The frameworks and models were great above all, the curation of the group added the greatest value.
  • As a solopreneur, opportunities to work with others is very stimulating. Coaching from both Nick and Andrea brought a unique perspective to my talk. I really liked the post-retreat follow up coaching - reinforcement and additional feedback. Also the take away video was very valuable.
  • The single most valuable thing I learned at SpeakEasy Intensive was the need to balance emotion and reason in order to share a story in a meaningful way -- the performance element of the experience was also a big learning for me.


SpeakEasy Intensive Pricing includes:

  • 4 night deluxe accommodations at the Banff Centre for Arts and Creativity
  • All ground transportation and transfer to and from the Calgary airport
  • Meals, snacks and non-alcoholic beverages throughout the 4 days including an off-site dinner in the town of Banff
  • An opening reception on the first evening including food and drinks
  • All program materials including presentations, Talk Canvas framework, notebook, and other items to be used in the development of your talk
  • Coaching and facilitation led by TED and Singularity University trained Speaker Coaches
  • A professional Showcase for delivery of your talk in front of a live audience
  • A professionally produced, multi-camera video of your talk
  • Professional photographs of you on stage
  • Post-retreat 1:1 in-person coaching session to deepen and enhance your learning from the event

Retreat Cost

$7,000* / per person subject to availability
* excludes airfare and applicable taxes



Curious to know if you’re the right fit for SpeakEasy Intensive?

The application process will help us learn more about who you are, so we can curate the right attendees to make the most out of your retreat experience. Take a peek for yourself.

The Application Process

Part of the magic of SpeakEasy Intensive comes from the people who attend. It is important we have a diversity of genders, backgrounds, cultures, businesses and thinking in the room as we coach you to develop your best talk or presentation. In order for us to ensure this, we ask that you apply to attend. We read every application and reach out to each one individually, we carefully curate those who will spend 4 days together, we’ve seen the tight bonds of community that form. This is an intensive experience and we take the responsibility of curation very seriously.

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